WP All Import

It has never been so easy to import CSV or XML files into WordPress automatically.

This feature and the multitude of add-ons available make WP All Import the ultimate suite of tools for performing very complex WordPress CSV imports.

The automatic importer can periodically check your CSV (or XML) file for updates, and update your site on the schedule you define.

WP All Import is the only import plugin that can update existing posts on your site that have changes to their data in your XML or CSV file, delete records from your site that no longer are present in your data, and add records to your site that are newly present in your data.

Cron jobs can be set up with the default WordPress cron jobs using the freely available Crontrol plugin, or can be configured in your web hosting control panel for improved reliability.

You can easily track when your import jobs last ran from the Manage Imports screen.

The best WordPress CSV importer keeps getting better. On average, we release a new version once per month.