Introducing Mika Epstein

Mika EpsteinMika Epstein was among the first speakers we reached out to, and was so excited about contributing to WordCamp Ventura County that she was willing to move a family obligation to be able to speak at our event!

If you have not met her, she alone would be a reason to come. Mika Epstein is the Mika Epstein of WordPress support. If you ever posted a question at the WordPress support forums, chances are that she has seen it, if not answered it herself. She is also part of the Plugin Review team, bringing sanity to the WordPress Plugin Repository.

Like Mike Schroder, she works at DreamHost, where she fills the role of WordPress Support Specialist and Manager, helping her co-workers understand the true magnificence of the software, and answers any kind of WordPress-related question.

Mika, we are very excited to have you!

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